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    Français les aventures de Tom Sawyer

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    Demande de correction notion bac

    Bpnjour, I am going to present you the notion Myths and Heroes First of all I would like to give a definition of this notion : → a myth can be defined as a story about gods or heroes, it can be a popular belief or a tradition. → An hero = someone who possesses many qualities like courage/ bravery + he can be a mythological figure, or an ordinary person, In general a hero fights against racism or for a cause such as equality or justice" We will focus on the notion through the example of racism and more especially about the segregation in America : THEREFORE WE COULD ASK OURSELVES : How can a victim destroy a myth and become a heroe ? in order to answer this question, we will see in a first part that.. I / The idea that white << adjectif = invariable people are superior to blacks is like a myth In a second part, we will see that.. II / Some black victims are fighting against racism + become heroes so the documents that I have chosen and (that) represent the notion the best to me are first : *Video the second document that I have chosen is again also a video : * Concerning the third document : * The pellicular Institution: I/ The Idea that white << encore ! people are superior to black << et encore ! people is like a myth << à partir de maintenant je ne corrige plus cette faute de grammaire élémentaire 1) Indeed, blacks people are victims there is an excessive power that white people exercised over black people. It was especially exercised in America until the end of the civil war, and during the period of slavery. The black people were deprived of all their rights as human →Hattie mcDaniel: her rôle in the movie ‘Gone with the wind’ shows that → whites have the upper hand over blacks. (she played the rôle of the ‘mammy’ and she was « the slave » of the family and she must obey to the orders and wishes of whites people, she had to be the nanny ) = at that time, it was a normal thing to have a maid at home and it was always black people. +maids was >> were considered like the slave of the family because Civil Right mov →the application of Jim Crow Laws = blacks were mistreated / segregated schools/ public transit/ public toilets they were victims of violence 2)What the defenders of the slavers say → doc texte : it’s like a myth because they difuse in the world lots of prejuducices concerning the slavery Defenders of slavery argued that the end to the slave economy would have had a profound economic impact in the South - if all the slaves were freed, there would be widespread unemployment - slavery had existed throughout history / The Greeks had slaves, the Romans had slaves, -They said that in the Bible, Abraham had slaves. = it’s a normality and for people who defend slavery it’s a tradition II/ Some blacks are fighting against the racism + become heroes 1) They claimed their rights →video : 1909 : A group of black and white campaigners created the National Association for the advancement of colored people their goal was to → increase racial equality and to stop the Jim craw laws black = are fighting together against the... Black Power : by Stokely Carmichael in opposition to extremists like the KKK the civil right movement began with boycotts, marches, + other peaceful protests (The Montgomery bus boycott was a political and social protest campaign against the policy of racial segregation on the public transit system of Montgomery, ) 2) They became models and examples civil rights leaders → vidéo : Martin L K leader in the civil rights movement 1964, won the Nobel Peace Prize for combating racial inequality through nonviolent resistance. →video During her speach at the ceremony she << Qui est-ce ? said : 'I sincerely hope I will always be a credit to my race and the motion picture industry.' → 1st black person to win an oscar Now, she is a model for black women, because in the video, we see other women who win an oscar and she thanks Hatty
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    Sciences, courant électrique

    Bonjour et bienvenue sur le site, J'ai un problème avec ton énoncé. La première partie concerne un alternateur et les parties 2 et 3 un transfo. Donc la partie 1 n'a rien à voir avec les suivantes, c'est bien ça ? Si oui, il manque la question 1) pour le transfo. Elle n'intervient pas dans la suite ? Parce que, si cela concerne l'essai à vide, il faut au moins la puissance active correspondant aux pertes fer dont on a besoin pour calculer le rendement dans la question 4.3. Cela dit, pour la partie 1 : 1) 230/400 V pour l'alternateur signifie que la tension nominale aux bornes de chaque enroulement vaut 230 V. Si ces enroulements sont couplés en étoile, la tension entre bornes vaut 230√3=400V. Comme il y a 3 phases, l'alternateur doit donc être relié à une installation triphasé de tension entre phases 400 V. 2) La puissance active P fournie par l'alternateur vaut √3UIcosφ. Sur charge résistive cosφ=1, donc P=√3UI avec U=400 V. De plus, on se place dons le cas où l'alternateur débite la puissance active nominale de 32 kW. Je te laisse calculer I dans ces conditions. Pour la suite, précise ce qui te pose problème. Certaines réponses se trouvent forcément dans ton cours, y compris probablement les schémas de montage pour les essais. N.B. : Pour le moment je me déconnecte, Si un autre intervenant veut prendre le relais, qu'il n'hésite pas.
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