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  1. roby67

    Ordre des mots

    Bonjour est ce que l'ordre des mots sont juste. Merci d'avance Thank you for coming today. Well ‘be in touch Can you tell us about your previous work experience please? We would like to ask you a few questions? What skills would help you have you got in this job? Wednesday to Sunday You w’ll get 10.50€ hour and work
  2. roby67

    Questions sur le sport

    pour vous répondre je me suis tout simplement remis à l'anglais 6 années plus tard.
  3. roby67

    Questions sur le sport

    Bonjour pourriez vous me corriger ses réponses please! merci d'avance What sport do you do? When did you start doing it? I don't do a lot of sports. I like take bicycles and walking in the mountains. I benefit from the outside of the landscapes and it relaxes me. I take advantage of the outdoors. Do you do sports to keep fit or just for fun? I believe make sport bring fun and you to keep a healthy lifestyle especially when you work sitting all day behind a desk on your office. What sports do you enjoy watching on TV? I like to watch ice skating because it makes me dream. Especially when they skating in pairs. It must require a lot of training What is the most popular sport in your country? The most popular sport in your country is football. I don’t like football but my daughters and my husband like it. What sport would you not let your children do? I don't want my kids to play rugby or boxing. it's too violent sports I will not my children do rugby or box because it’s too violent.
  4. Bonjour il y a des fautes de conjugaisons dans certaines phrases. je n'ai pas trouvé toutes les fautes pouvez vous m'aider Merci d'avance I’m usually going to work by car The climate gets warmer because of global warming. My boss stays often in luxury hotels. Could you tell me where the meeting room is? The committee chose the new Financial Director las Tuesday. This internet search engine developed without the use of advertising. Could you me tell where do you live? Food served in British restaurants isn’t bad as you think. I have to work much harder in my current job than in my last one. The Chairman said that profits have risen by 5% this year. Have you heard the news? Our competitor went bankrupt! Employees should be punctual for work in the mornings? I’ll take that call if you like. I not have to back up my work. My computer automatically does it for me. I’m absolutely exhausted. I am at my desk since eight o’clock this morning. No, really Carlo. I will paying for the drinks. I insist! What did you visited when you went in Turkey? She worked in Tokyo for three years. If we don’t leave now, we’re late for the Managing Director’s presentation. I’m going not to buying any more shares until the market improves. His company is more profitable in this sector. Shall I to order a taxi for you? She says everyone she’s the manager when she’s really only the assistant. He’s the kind of person you can depend on to do a job well.
  5. 1- Bonjour j'ai un questionnaire ou il faut que je réponde en anglais pour améliorer mon vocabulaire de hôtel et restaurant. pourriez vous me corriger les phrases ci dessous merci d'avance ? Have you ever stayed in a hotel, guest house or bed and breakfast in Britain ? I have stayed in a hotel 5 starn.the name was British hotel. It was very nice. We have a lot of facilities : Swimming pool, internet, library,TV, restaurant, gymnasium. 2- What is the best hotel or guest house you’ve ever stayed in ? We were in Tunisia on the isle Djerba for 4 years. The name of the hotel was Royal hotel. 3- What is the worst hotel or bed and breakfast you’ve ever stayed in? The worst hotel we stayed was in Paris. It was noisy and the bedroom was dirty. The bathroom mirror was broken. 4- How do you decide which hotel or guest to stay in ? I do research on the internet and I read reviews other people on TripAdvisor or booking . 5- What things are important for you when choosing a hotel or guest house to stay in? The most important things are the cleanliness of the room, the meals, the internet connection, and a good restaurant. 6- If I was planning to come to your country on holiday, what advice would you give me about the hotels and guest houses If you come to Mosheim I recommend the 4 star Hotel Diana. There are lots of facilities. There is a spa, gym. You have a large breakfast, and a good restaurant. The hotel is spacious, the bedroom is cozy and you have a good overlook on Mosheim. 7- What's your opinion of budget hotels ? Cheap hotels are often not comfortable. The wallpaper in the bedroom needs often refurbished. The rooms are small and sparsely furnished. There is no restaurant and bad Wi-Fi. The restaurant is not spacious and the toilets are not clean. 8- How would you market a guest house like the Glenartney ? If I were market the hotel Glenartney I will put on the website than the hotel have 10 bedrooms, include everything you need for a comfortable stay. Tea & coffee making facilities, TV, hair dryer and free WiFi are provided in our rooms. For your breakfasts, the hotel provide locally product. You have two guest lounges and a large restaurant. 9- What’s your opinion of the Glenartney website ? the website is really complete. we can even book online and pay a deposit. You can directly check an email and can ask them for more information. 10- What qualities do you need to run a guest house ? My hotel must be clean and the equipment that is provide for example the wifi the hair dryer the taps must not leak. Wallpapers must be clean. the restaurant must compose seasonal menus and offer local products in its meals.
  6. roby67

    Correction de texte

    Bonjour Pouvez vous me corriger ce petit texte. Merci d'avance Dear M Johnson I would to create one market every morning once monday. You can find owner vegetables and fruits. Many people believe this are better for the health and you can live longer. Markets give space to community groups and you can have good advice. Organic vegetable and local product are better and fresher. The foods are tastier because is harmful chemicals. In my opinion create a local store in our company is my best opinion. Best Regards
  7. roby67

    Past perfect

    I had just graduated that Elf contacted for me a job. est ce que l'emploi du past perfect est juste dans cette phrase
  8. roby67

    Past perfect

    Bonjour dans ce texte il faut que j'utilise le past perfect et le simple past. <L'adjectif DEVANT le nom ! Pourriez vous me corriger le phrases merci d'avance When I was child I had been lived in London for six years. My house was in Oxford Street near the British Museum. I was go in the French School Jacques prévert. It was very à lovely School. This School is located in west London. This school welcomes around 260 pupils.. When I graduated I have come back to France and I have continued my studies of marketing. when I was thirty i worked in elf company.
  9. roby67

    Correction 3 phrases

    Bonjour. Pourriez vous me corriger ces quelques phrases. Merci d'avance Facebook twitter etc .. are plate former where people create group and pages to discuss various topics. You must change your password for your security every month. On internet you invent one nickname. You don’t use your own name. it is dangerous for your life. You protect identify on line.
  10. Bonjour j'ai besoin d'aide; il faut mettre à sa leur place les segments de phrases Merci pour votre aide ! 1. Model / very / has a / business / eBay / successful Ebay has a very successful Model 2. Sellers / bring / buyers and / the / together / eBay uses / internet to Sellers bring together buyers and internet to the Ebay uses 3. Experienced / employs / always / managers / eBay / well-qualified and Ebays always employs qualified and experienced manager 4. From the / had to be / the / profitable / business / beginning From the business had to be beginning the profitable 5. eBay / anything / produce or / itself / doesn’t / sell ebay doesn’t produce anything or sell ifself 6. use its / capital / to / very / eBay is / effectively / able e bay use its capital to able very effectively 7. late / some / markets too / eBay / arrived in ebay arrived in some late markets too 8. use / have had / when they / some / eBay / experiences / customers e bay have had use some customers when they experiences
  11. roby67

    Correction d'un dialogue

    voila je l'ai mis de manière à ce que l'on puisse le corrigé avec mes excuses !!! merci d'avance Patricia Hello Brigitte I am lost could you help me, please? Brigitte Where are you and where do you want to go? Patricia I am at the train station in Strasbourg and I want to go to place Kleber. I am lost. Could you help me please? Brigitte Yes of course! You have to cross the quay st Jean and go over the bride Kuss and turn left then. When you arrive on "vieux marché aux vins" Street, you go straight ahead and walk for 5 minutes. Is it clear? Patricia Yes and then? Brigitte When you arrive at the square of “ l’homme de fer” you walk over the place and turn on your right and you can see the Kleber Square. Patricia Thank you for your help Brigitte. Good bye
  12. roby67

    Correction d'un dialogue

    Bonjour, Pourriez vous me corriger le texte en pièce jointe ? Merci. chemin pour aller place kleber-dialogue.pdf
  13. roby67

    Corriger trois phrases

    bonjour pouvez vous me corriger ses 3 phrases merci d'avance 1) How were the seller payed if their goals are reached ? 2) Do we have enough possibility to open many stores in china? 3) What are the aids marketing to reach the target of 10 million turnover (chiffre d’affaire) in 2008.
  14. roby67

    Texte à corriger

    bonjour pourriez vous me corriger ce texte merci d'avance cut the activity of all the power plants was immediate. Yesterday morning, as every year occurred the control of quite nuclear power plant of France. Indeed on January 3rd, 2017, one of the bosses of the power plant of Fessenheim noticed bad maintenance of this one. So, he called up urgently to the Elysee to prevent them of the situation. Some hour later all other power plants noticed the same problem as that of Fessenheim. Some rust installed settled on walls risk of create explosions in the next months. The cut of power plants arose at exactly noon. So, cuts regular of in an overconsumption occurs almost every hour. Today, the public transportation is cut, internet, all the computer system is interrupted as well as all the modes of heating when houses and in companies. The panic of the population begins has to make it feel because without the electricity we can make nothing more neither worked nor we warmed, nor we moved. It will be necessary more of 6 month to restore this dramatic problem. Companies and hospitals are closed and say that they are going all to go bankrupt if this cut continues. The state asked as a matter of urgency for helps of countries neighbor but without answer at the moment. Finally, we advise you of installed urgently panel’s solar energy or wind turbine to resolve the situation in your houses because in some month the price the electricity is going to climb. 236words
  15. roby67

    présentation d'un pays

    Bonjour, pourriez vous me corrigez ce texte s'il vous plait. Je dois faire une présentation orale pendant une minute 30 sur les Philippines. De plus je n'arrive pas a trouvé comment on dit kilomètre carré en anglais. I’m present the Philippine. It’s a country that lies to the west of the Pacific Ocean and has 7107islands but only 2000 island is inhabited. In all area of this country is of 300 400km2 for 100 003 378 people. The capital is called Manille which is situated on the island Luçon. The language official is Filipino English. To conclude Philippine is very attractive country where a lot of people likes to go on holiday. merci beaucoup de votre réponse;
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