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De toute évidence, il ne t'est jamais venu à l'esprit que tes images scannées ne sont pas corrigibles directement.

Comprends-moi bien, je n'ai rien contre le scanner car je l'utilise moi-même mais je refuse de passer des heures à tenter de déchiffrer ton écriture, ce n'est plus de mon âge.

Débrouille-toi pour soumettre une autre façon de faire, ne serait-ce que dactylographier tes réponses avec Word et je te corrigerai.

Tout ce que j'ai pu lire se résume à ceci :

A General comprehension

1 > e  OK, réponse donnée

2 > f

3 > a

4 > b  OK

5 > d  OK

6 > c

B Part I lines 1 to13

Relis ces 13 premières lignes et cite les phrases qui justifient que les affirmation sont " Right " ou " Wrong ".

1 OK

2 Wrong

3 OK

4 OK

5 Right


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A. General comprehension:

Write the answers.The first one has been done for you

2. When she was 12 she started working in notthinghom

3; When she was 16 she hopes she'll have the possibility to help other people 

4 when she was 18 she moved to London 

5 From 18to 24 she slept rough on the street in london

6 After 25 she started taking drugs in scotland


1when wendy was young , she was happy with her family

lines 5 and 4: wendy she was not with her family when she was a child she had problems with them

2 her parents threw her out 

lines 6 : She is to take away from the house

3 she was fond of her job 

lines 4 : she enjoyed her job; she worked is a medical technician in nothinghom she came solitary , person to give drugs lens

4living alone was hard for her 

lines 8: she says that she was rather young to live outside 

5 she found it difficult to stay in a hostel

line9 : she does not find that it is different

voilà ceux que je vois 

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she had problems when she was Young imagine her faimily problems

I thinks that can be the problem no to have enough money either a quarrel belween his parents that he was able to separents them lither Wendy dug-addict


Find reasons in the text why homeless people take drugs 

Because do not have workings and do not show solidarity between them

C1 partie 2

l.14 she refers to : the world when she went into a day

l.16 which refers to : opened for the winter

l.9 you refers to : come off the street and staff support you

l.20 l refers to : other than just being a drug addict

l. 23 theirs refers to : help other people change theirs too


1. when she went to day centre, she was  still taking drugs

line 14: she always on drugs when she was in the center 

2 lines 11 : she was taking on the street 

3 lines 19 : give you a chance to come off the street and staff  support you

4. LINE 23 : " l've had the chance to change my life"


his opinion is that she likes the hotel while danny was not similar


because she lived these horrors she does not want that the other


Subject 1: Wendy now writes a letter to her mother to tell her story , her feelings today and her plans for the future 

Subject 2 : Should we give money to homeless people ? Why? Why not?

Dear , Mom 

Mom , l write you this letter to tell  which I Am really happy at present i am with people who encourage me and who urge me go four i have to stop my bad habits i am now at my own objectives I have work near medical technician in nothinghom i was really happy to have to find this job because it is not to give to ever, body i was ready Lucky by report has this subject 


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Pouvez vous m'aider svp c'est à rendre pour demain 

Opinion de danny c'est tirée sur cette extrait 

danny is 17 and has been sleeping on the streets for eight months . His parents threw him out last year and he made straight for london thinking life would be easier there he has stayed in a couple of hostels but finds it hard to deal with their rules and prefers to doss down in a doorway . I don't want to stay in a hostel because they say you have to be in at a certain time and that's just not on he said. The government shoudn't force people to go into hostels if they dont't want to . I've seen loads of empty buildings that have been boarded up and they should let homeless people stay in them while they decide what to do with it the building . He says he prefers the freedom of being on the streets and talks to passing tourists for company.At the tube station a few yards further down, Richard , 27 , is sitting cross- legged on a dirty blue sleeping bag and asking passers-by for spare change. He has been slepping rough for 11 years and says he would find it hard to return o a normal life 
when i first came to london i found work and lived in squats but i got into drugs and every time i got a job i made a mess of it and had to leave. Now i just sleep in the street . The hostels are dirty ; there are three or four people in a room and the staff really look down on you. The rules are bad enough but why should these people make you feel inferior just because you are homeless? if they force people to stay in hostels it will be like sending them to prison. But Andy , 33 , who is selling the big issue on hungerford bridge thinks that the number of hostels should be expanded.I have been sleeping on the streets for the last few weeks but is awful. I have just come out of hospital after being stabbed in the leg and someone tried to slash my wrist before that. It is frightening out on the streets , but if they could clean up the hostels and make them safe places then it would be a good idea . The question  is , can they do that?

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Désolé pour toi, ce fatras est devenu complètement incompréhensible.

Tu vas vite devoir apprendre à travailler intelligemment et avec un peu plus d'esprit logique.

Par exemple, les justifications aux affirmations " Right/Wrong" consistent à citer des phrases du texte.

Et que vient faire le texte " Danny " à la suite ?  Quel rapport avec le premier texte "  Wendy " ?

Bref, j'abandonne et de toute façon je n'aurai pas le temps aujourd'hui.

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