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  1. Merci JRB! C'est vraiment gentil !? Bonne soirée !
  2. Merci JRB !? Oui je doute toujours... Puis-je vous demander encore une petite correction pour les dernières phrases ajoutées ? Ce serait gentil !? Les phrases ou mots: Finally we are going to show you the trailer. Unfortunately, the film doesn't exist in English but only in French with English subtitles. Pour parler de la résistance en France pendant la guerre = the French resistance ? D'autres personnes= other people (je sais jamais people/person?) Ils vivent de petits boulots= They live on odd jobs. Et pour finir, nous avons un tableau interactif (connecté à l'ordinateur) où je vais montrer de images. Comment le dire ? You can see on the screen ....? ou ce n'est pas un écran ? Thanks !!
  3. Oh super JRB !!!! Merci beaucoup !? Je pensais qu'il y aurait beaucoup plus de fautes, je suis contente.? Thank you for everything ! Have a good day !
  4. Bonjour ! J'ai une présentation de film en anglais à faire pour l'école avec une camarade de classe. Est-ce quelqu'un pourrait corriger notre texte ? Merci beaucoup !!!!!!!!!!? Today we are going to talk about the film "Un sac de billes ". This film is a drama. It is directed by Christian Duguay and the main actors are Patrick Bruel, Bernard Campan, Kev Adam and Christian Clavier. The film was released in January 2017. Summary The film is based on the autobiographical novel " A bag of marbles" by Joseph Joffo. The story takes place in France during the Second World war. Joseph Joffo is 10 years old. He lives in Paris. He has 5 brothers and sisters. The family is Jewish. The father is a barber. One day of 1942 the Germans arrive in Paris. Joseph and his brother Maurice, 12 years old, have to leave Paris and join their two older brothers in the south of France. The parents will join them later. Joseph and Maurice leave. They must cross the German-occupied France to reach the free zone. During the crossing the two boys are helped by a priest. Finally the boys arrive in Nice where they find their parents. Unfortunately the Germans arrived in Nice. Joseph and Maurice are sent to a youth camp. Later they are arrested by the Gestapo. The two boys say they are not Jews but the Gestapo don't believe them. A doctor will help them and the two boys can go. Then they hide in a small village until the end of the war. When the war is over, the two brothers return to Paris. Finally they find their mother but not their father. He was sent during the war to Auschwitz where he died. We are going to talk about the main themes One of the important themes is war. The film shows us the daily life of the war: rationing, black market for example. The film also shows us the brutality of war like fear, danger and anti-Semitism. An other theme is the end of childhood. At the beginning of the film the two brothers are just children who are going to school and playing with friends. They’re a little naive. Then they have to survive and face terrible things. At the end the two brothers are more mature (than in the beginning? besoin de dire ?). The film also talks about self-help. Self-help between the two brothers who are always united during their journey(?) but also help from several characters like the priest or the doctor. Main scenes One of the highlights of the film is when the father slaps his son to simulate an arrest by the Gestapo. It’s a very hard scene. There are also sad scenes when the family has to separate and stressfull scenes when the two boys are arrested by the Gestapo. Unfortunately there are also happy scenes for example when the two brothers reunited with their family. The film was very successful and he won the Best Narrative Audience Award at the Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival. We really liked this drama. The actors are good, the story interesting and the characters are endearing. The theme of war is not joyful but the film also talks about human goodness. We really recommend this film !
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