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    A fallen hero

    @JRB Merci beaucoup de m'avoir corrigé. C'est vraiment très gentil de votre part. Je viens de poster la phrase à expliquer de la première question dans un nouveau sujet si vous voulez jeter un coup d'œil. Prenez aussi soin de vous et de votre famille. Bonjour, hier j'ai posté mon devoir avec 3 questions. Pour la première question j'ai oublié de mettre la phrase qui allait avec. Si vous pouviez vérifier si c'est cohérent et juste si c'est possible s'il vous plait. Merci beaucoup For all his exploits on the track, he'll be remembered as the fallen hero whose was found her girlfriend at his house, which is a very sad xxx for the family of her deceased girlfriend and for Africa. Explain that sentence in your own words.
  2. Lyysa

    A fallen hero

    Bonjour, pendant ce confinement je dois rendre des devoirs par mails. J'aimerais, si c'est possible, que vous corrigiez mon devoirs s'il vous plait ? C'est pour demain. Merci beaucoup Explain that sentence in your own words. For many people, Oscar Pistorius will always be considered a great man, a Paralympic champion for his exploits achieved despite his handicap. However, he is no longer a real hero in the eyes of the world but rather a fallen hero who has lost his reputation. He became an idolized person who lost everything, his dignity, his reputation and who fell in the esteem of everyone for the murder of his girlfriend in their house. This tragic court case is very sad for South Africa and especially for the family of this woman Which problem does this event raise in South Africa ? Find figures to illustrate. This event then highlights a corrupt South Africa plagued by high crime. It is a country plagued by police corruption, where eight officers have recently been charged with murder for tying up a man in the rear bumper of a van before dragging him into the street. In addition, this court case revealed that Oscar Pistorius had raped her girlfriend, which also highlighted that in South Africa, during the years 2011 and 2012, the country recorded 64,500 rapes, one in every four minutes. It's a world record. Finally, this type of murder, a woman killed by her husband, a girlfriend or even a mistress arrives unfortunately every eight hours in South Africa. It is even the leading cause of violent death among women. Explain why he can be considered a fallen hero. Pick other examples. This man was a person recognized by all, that everyone idolized, he was a hero for all. However, after the murder of his girlfriend, he went from a national hero to a "dangerous madman", he lost his reputation. He then experienced a descent into hell by losing everything. He went from being a model for the disabled worldwide to being a "paranoid star addicted to guns and steroids". He has become the "symbol of violence" raging in South Africa, a "crazy hero" whose dark part was discovered at the end of this murder. In addition, it was discovered that he was a violent and obnoxious man with women which worsened his image in the eyes of the world. This hero turned murderer was sentenced to several years in prison. He is then called the "fallen hero" as the "dangerous madman", the "paranoid star", the "crazy hero" or even the "symbol of violence".
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    Cartoon by Mike Luckovich

    Bonjour, je dois faire une description d'une image en anglais et j'aimerais bien que vous me corrigiez mon devoir si vous le voulez bien s'il vous plaît merci beaucoup d'avance Cartoon of Mike Luckovich 1) This document is a cartoon which was drawn by Mike Luckovich and published on December 18, 2013. It is not entitled but it shows the viewers the role of the NSA, the national security agency, which tries to protect the Americans. However, she doesn't just do that, she also spies on American society. What is the NSA actually monitoring? Why does the NSA monitor the USA so much? 2) In this cartoon, we find several information. We can see a room where we find a man sitting at a desk on which two computers are placed. On these computers one can observe the messages "Americans Personal Data" and "Phone records" which are probably information concerning the USA. Then above the desk we can see a satellite dish. In addition, this man who sits with an angry look as we can see by the expression on his face expresses his dissatisfaction with the phrase "Stop violating my privacy !!!" to a dog who plays Edward Snowden. Snowden is an NSA whistleblower who has not respected the agency's confidentiality. Through this caricature, we can deduce that Snowden to deliver information on the agency that were to remain private such as for example the fact that the NSA not only protects the Americans but also spies on them. For this, she listens to telephone conversations, infiltrates computers using software and programs in order to gather enough information. This cartoon is affirmed, through a message, that Americans cannot trust government authority because their smallest act and gesture is monitored by the NSA. 3) The cartoonist's intentions are quite clear. For several years, the USA has held various organizations which are responsible for monitoring the country and alerting the government to all the potential dangers threatening them. However, the NSA's heightened surveillance of the Americans is rather dubious, as one can think from Mike Luckovich's point of view, that the agency even doubts the Americans and perhaps considers them as a potential threat. The cartoonist's then reveals through his drawing, what the NSA really does behind his image of protector and the one who made it possible to discover this: Edward Snowden. Through the sentence spoken by the man, the author allows us to understand that Snowden is in danger because of the leak of information concerning the agency. Luckovich wants to show that Snowden has apparently broken some sort of confidentiality with the NSA and has shown that today American citizens no longer have to do government authority to act. The cartoonist is attempting to change the image of the NSA seen by the Americans and make them understand that they are constantly observed by it. 4) In my mind, this cartoon denounces and criticizes the acts carried out by the NSA for several years behind the backs of Americans by hiding the truth from them. The picture shows that the American government is lying about the extent of what it does. While the NSA is responsible for protecting citizens from attack, by expanding their security and espionage powers by monitoring the world, it unfortunately considers others to be a potential danger and does all of this illegally. For me, this cartoon is a good thing because it shows the United States that they must be careful and that they should no longer trust this type of agency.
  4. Lyysa

    The idea of progress

    Boujour, pouvez-vous me corriger ma notion d'anglais sur l'idée du progrès s'il vous plait ? merci beaucoup d'avance Introduction: I'm going to talk about the notion "The idea of progress" which consists in making us believe that the world can become better in several areas and that it has shaped most of our vision of the history of western civilization . Progress consists of changes that represent evolution. This evolution has been accentuated in recent years in technology, social, scientific, etc. However, such developments raise questions about the possible consequences on the future as well as the excesses of the consumer society of today. Here, we will focus on the evolution of eugenics and preimplantation genetic diagnosis. To argue the definition of the concept, I will use the following documents: Clones r us, design babies, china's two child policy, My sister's keeper by Nick Cassavetes, Britain says yes to 3 parent babies, Globe online (text A), Today (text B). At first we will see the positive aspect of the selective creation of children then in a second time we will observe the negative aspect of this creation What are the positive and negative effects of scientific progress? What are the positive and negative effects of the evolution of eugenics and preimplantation genetic diagnosis? For years, we have hoped that one day we will be able to save the world from the death that threatens every person every day to finally die in peace, quietly. For this, some doctors have started this process by inventing the "PGD" which consists in eliminating almost all the diseases transmitted genetically from parents to children. This procedure makes it possible to detect the sick embryo before it is fertilized and to choose one that has no chance of carrying a disease. In text A of CHS Globe Online published in 2010, the article written informs us that using the "PGD" procedure scientists can now accurately predict certain genetic diseases in potential embryos, ensuring that the disease chosen is healthy. It is a chance for the people to save the world. This process is scientific progress. Nevertheless, "PGD" is a revolutionary technique which is explained in different ways as through texts, reports or even in articles. For example, in the report entitled "Designer babies", a journalist explains to us that thanks to the "PGD", Dr. Steinberg will also help Designer babies: thanks to Dr. Steinberg and the "PGD" couples can choose an embryo which n has no trace of communicable genetic diseases Just like the article "Britain says yes to 3-parent babies" in which it is said that to stop the transmission of diseases from a mother to her newborn. The first one who could benefit from this, could be born from the DNA of three different people. This technique will help families with mitochondrial diseases. However, this would open the door to the genetic modification of children and "designer babies". In addition, the "PGD" is not used that way there. In the film "My sister keeper", a doctor proposed to a family to make a third child who would be identical to their daughter, Kate, seriously ill to save her. So the parents decided to create Anna in order to heal her sister. Finally, another family is in the same situation as that in the film. Molly's family in the article published in "Today" in 2010 decided to have a new baby in order to save their seriously ill daughter. Her only chance was to be saved by someone compatible with her. Only the only person who can save her is a genetically compatible brother or sister. For this, doctors used the "PGD" procedure and gave birth to their second child, Adam, who then became the first case of the embryo chosen. The evolution of scientific progress towards methods making it possible to cure or stop the transmission of diseases develop from year to year then advancing towards the possibility of a perfect future. However, this procedure or eugenics have not only positive sides but also have harmful negative aspects. While the "PGD" procedure allows couples to have children who are not likely to be carriers of diseases, it has evolved over time to be able to accept parents to be able to choose the characteristics of their baby. (color of eyes, hair, ...) as in text A. At the beginning a person chosen as at the market the physical and psychological qualities of his child. So in wanting to save babies, the "PGD" has bad destructive consequences for the world and especially for the children themselves. Just like in the "Designer babies" report. Couples will soon have the possibility of choosing certain characteristics of their future baby to satisfy their desires to obtain a baby as they have always wanted to have thanks to the "PGD". While Dr. Steinberg sees this favorably, Dr. Caplan notes the dangers and selfishness in this procedure. The "PGD" has bad intentions. In the film "My sister's keeper" as well as in text B: a child was specially created to save the other child from the seriously ill couple using the "PGD" procedure. Unfortunately, even if it is for a good reason, this procedure has a negative effect on families because this choice has its share of selfishness. Their second child was not wanted for natural reasons but for reasons that seem to be right when at bottom they are unhealthy. Only, when these babies are aware of their choices, they will be able to choose whether or not they want to have an operation. We can therefore say that the "PGD" scientific progress which does not necessarily have good consequences. Developments in the world come in different forms and are not for the well being of people but to respect the desires of society as in the report "China's two child policy". Society has forced Chinese couples to have the right to have a maximum of two children (a girl and a boy). The advantage, in this case, is to succeed in reducing the Chinese population but also because the population is old. However, the downside is that if couples have more than two children, they will have to make a choice, such as an abortion, in order to succeed in not breaking the norm imposed by society. This is part of eugenics which demonstrates that it is a collective result in a society where the search for "the perfect child" would take precedence. This example also refers to the caricature "Clones r us" in which we can deduce that society expresses its wish to see people who are all alike and who enter into the mores. They do not want a person to stand out by being original so as not to be rejected by others. But this caricature is a kind of threat to make people understand that they must be listened to so that society does not put them aside. Using these examples we have been able to see that this evolution as well as eugenics are part of history which have good and bad consequences on the future. In conclusion, I have just studied 7 documents demonstrating the effects of the evolution of scientific progress constituting the notion "The idea of progress". Indeed, in my first part we have seen that the evolution of eugenics as well as the creation of preimplantation genetic diagnosis on both positive and negative sides. These advances have made it possible not to be rejected by society but also to completely stop the transmission of genetic and fatal diseases. Trough these examples we have seen that we hope that one day we can eradicate all communicable diseases and save a lot of people. In my second part, we saw that however the development of certain techniques as well as eugenics also has negative aspects which can become harmful for the people concerned by this and the world around them. Some people are used to save diseases, parents abuse the "PGD" to satisfy their wish or even to prohibit the creation of a number of children to respect the desire of society to save their world. These two aspects demonstrate the underside of scientific progress and that even if there are positive effects, there are inevitably harmful consequences due to the development of selective creation of children.
  5. Lyysa

    Designer babies

    Bonjour, j,'ai dû répondre à plusieurs questions sur une vidéo. Pouvez-vous corriger mon devoir si il y a des fautes parce que j'ai du mal à en voir. Merci 1) Doctor Jeffrey Steinberg is a doctor and director of a fertility clinic in California who works on genetics and the creation of children from embryos selected in a laboratory. It allows couples to choose an embryo "in order to eliminate those who carry an identifiable genetic disease", then it "performs the sorting between male and female embryos. Even if it cannot guarantee a perfect result, it can nevertheless significantly increase the chances of success.This procedure is called preimplantation genetic diagnosis, it allows to control the embryos in the laboratory to have a baby as they want by screening for genetic and fatal diseases. 2) For Dr. Steinberg, it is important to accept progress. This is an incredible opportunity for couples who wish to have children because they can choose, thanks to the "PGD". He puts forward certain arguments: - This is available to everyone - The dream of choosing the sex of the child - Eliminate the risk of not being sick because the selection procedure eliminates genetic diseases in children - soon choose the genetic traits of the baby - Offers its services to homosexual couples: lesbians want a girl and gays mainly want a boy - "all this is normal: since the dawn of time, parents have dreamed of having vigorous, beautiful, intelligent children" 3) No, Dr. Caplan is against PGD because for him couples who want to benefit from this science do not necessarily want to avoid illnesses but rather because they want to satisfy their taste for a particular child or a preference for a particular child. They don't do this for the right reasons. 4) - It is accessible only to the rich, an advantage for them but it is something that the poor can never afford - he does not think that we will be able to 100% succeed in having a baby with the eye colors, exact hair colors, ... that we would like. - He says to himself why not offer it directly instead of the intervention to charge - how to know which is the best physical trait because for him this kind of thing is subjective - the clinic looks like a shop where you can buy anything and everything like "athletic skills, short arms, etc." - leads to false expectations of children causing adults to get angry because they invested money and did not get what they wanted. 5) Doctor Caplan thinks this because for him the "PGD" has a negative aspect. Choosing the physical characteristics of a baby is subjective but also because he knows that it is above all an invention from which only the rich can benefit. It is an advantage for them. Couples should not offer traits without some advice so that they can reflect. This technique is a story of money but also because this technique is not safe, there can be errors like the case of Nadya Suleman. It can also lead to false expectations. 6) I agree with Dr. Caplan because having a baby is something that comes by chance and the surprise of finding out the sex of the baby and how the baby is going to be physically at delivery. Being able to choose several physical characteristics of my baby is something that is inconceivable for me since it is the joy of creating a child without knowing how it will be. 7) This report shows us the advantage of scientific progress through the invention of "PGD" allowing medical benefits to save lives by choosing embryos without risk of health problems. However the creative babies are disputed. This procedure is a huge development in the field of science and genetics. It is an innovative scientific, technological and medical progress. Nevertheless the "PGD" worries the doctor Caplan a lot because we don't know the possible consequences. It is positive as well as negative progress.
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    My sister's keeper

    Bonjour, je fais un devoir sur le film My sister's keeper en répondant à des questions, pouvez-vous me corriger mon devoir s'il vous plaît ? Merci d'avance My sister's keeper 1. For Anna, babies are the fruit of chance, she explains that in heaven there are souls that twirl until the moment two people on earth make love generating baby at random. However there are babies who are conceived one evening when the woman has forgotten her pill. The baby is not wanted then but it is an accident. While those who can not have planned their baby. 2. According to her, it is not a coincidence since she was created to save her sister, Kate. So she thinks that if her sister would not have been sick she would still be in the sky waiting to integrate a body but chance or not she is there. 3. She was conceived from a very specific genetic combination in order to save her sister who has leukemia by giving her parts of it. 4. Since her sister is sick, everything revolves around her sister's illness. His mother and aunt have left their jobs to take care of Kate and all their conversations only turn around her illness. An example of change: all food is organic and sterilized. 5. Their relationship is peculiar but filled with an indescribable love. However since everything revolves around Kate, the parents forsake the other children who feel sidelined since they did not even notice the problems of their son. Sara, the mother, does everything to save her daughter until she even harms Anna. Their whole life is focused only on Kate damaging relationships between others. Nevertheless, through the film we can see that they do what they can for each other. 6. She wants to sue her parents because if her sister would not have been sick she would not be there. If she gets an operation to give one of her kidneys to her sister, she will not be able to do certain things anymore, she will not have fun anymore as she would like. She knows that she will always have to be careful and will not be able to live long. For her, she is as important as her sister. Moreover if the transplantation does not work, it will risk big health problems. 7. They do not understand his choice and get angry. Upset by her decision, some try to understand it while others do not want to understand and do everything to change her decision. 8. Yes, because she has the right to do what she wants. She too has the right to choose how to lead her life to the detriment of her sister. By saying what she did, she expresses what she has been feeling for a long time. 9. They are very angry at her because it's like she wants to kill her sister. His mother is upset, she does not understand her choice and will do everything so that Anna is operating to save her sister. While her father, at first, does not understand how they got there, when she decided to make that decision but after a while he is on his side and tries to understand it by not forcing it. Yes and no because creating a child just to save his other child is a crime, it's very selfish on the part of parents, even if it is to save their daughter, they have no right to choose the utility that will have their future child and conceive that for that 10. For me yes and no because she certainly condemns her sister to death but she is right because she does not have to be forced to have surgery to save her sister while in cons part its life is going to be limited . She can not do anything she wants later and she will have to be careful. So it's hard to take part in this story but I totally understand Anna and knowing that I was born just to heal my sister is horrible. 11. She hires a lawyer because she claims the right to be responsible for her body by medically emancipating herself. She wants to sue her parents for violating the rights of her body so that there is only she who has her body to not have surgery to save her sister. 12. She decides to make this choice because, as we learn from the end of the story, Kate asked her because she is tired of suffering, she does not want to be operated on again for die in peace and join his boyfriend, Taylor, who died before her because he also had an illness. Sara sues her parents to fulfill her sister's wish: to die. 13. He understands Sara and decides to help him by winning the case against the girl's parents so that she can dispose of her body alone. He decides to help him because he is epileptic and knows what it feels like not to be master of his body. 14. Sara has lived since her birth a life that revolves around her sister, a focus of her parents only on Kate but also since she was conceived to cure her sister, she has always had medical appointments, operations, complications after giving bone marrow. And finally a restricted life not to try not to be able to save his sister. 15. In making this decision, her mother can deny her and no longer want to see her, she knows that Kate's health will deteriorate and then condemns her sister to death. 16. She is right to do this simply because it is not up to her parents to decide what to do with her body. The only harm she has is that she condemns her sister against the envy of her parents. 17. She has the right to do this because even though she is not of age she does not have to be forced to have surgery, risk complications and make her life more complicated to save her sister. 18. I would understand her because she has the right to choose how she uses her body. I do not have to force her because I want to save my other girl at the expense of the other. It would hurt me because I know it will be harder to save my daughter but in no way would I force one of my daughter to heal my other daughter.
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    Description d'une image

    Merci beaucoup de m'avoir accordé du temps. J'ai la mauvaise habitude de faire des phrases trop longues et incompréhensibles et j'essaye de l'arranger. Encore merci.
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    Description d'une image

    Bonjour, je dois décrire une image en anglais pour lundi, est-ce que vous pouvez m'aider en me corrigeant s'il vous plaît parce que je ne sais si j'ai des erreurs. Merci 1) This document is a cartoon drawn by a person who can be believed to be anonymous because there is no registered name. It is also not officially titled but we can give it the name that there is written on it "Clones r us" which is the name of the factory. We can thus deduce that this drawing represents a factory of clones and its dysfunctions. How does society want us to be in order not to be rejected? 2) We can see on this drawing a small white man, blond, very skinny wearing pink briefs which is placed in the middle of the image, between four muscular clone on a conveyor belt in a factory. We can see that he is totally different from others, he does not look like them at all. That's why we can think that the clip takes it because it is not as it should be, that it is out of the ordinary and it is what does not like, apparently, with the 'factory. It represents a manufacturing defect. This man will then be thrown into a dumpster which is in the foreground where there are written "Rejects" containing other clones which, too, represent a defect and which does not look like clones that factory wants to produce. So we can say that the plant chosen, sorting out between normal people and those who are out of the ordinary, who does not fit in the frame. 3) The representation of the cartoonist's is clear, he decided to make a humorous drawing on today's society to show the vision that this society presents to us. It teaches us how to behave, that we must all be equal, not to go out of the normality by distinguishing ourselves by a physical aspect, but also by a trait of character. She wants us to return to the mores. The designer then criticizes through humor, showing us on a large scale the selection of the species, how society manipulates us by putting pressure on us because by being oneself we risk being rejected by everyone and so feel too different from others. This could then make us realize that we should start by looking like others so as not to suffer from the rejection of society. She wants people to be perfect. Nowadays, this is probably possible thanks to DNA samples and thus by manipulating genetics by modifying our physical traits. By analyzing the title "Clones r us" we can believe that it is actually a word game that refers to the toy store "Toys r us". 4) In my mind, this cartoon, even if it was drawn on humor, represents totally what society wants: a world where everyone must return to normalcy if they do not want to be rejected by others . It happens in fact, to manipulate and dissuade anyone who wants to stand out or even be oneself. However, looking at the dumpster, we note that there is not one who is different but at least a dozen people which is very representative of people who have tried to be themselves . Society punishes them by throwing them out to make others understand that if they try to be original, to get out of the normality no one will want them then.For me, this document demonstrates the mores of the society and how wants we are equal to all without distinction. This image can then lead us to think that it is part of the notion "Idea of progress" and therefore to talk about this theme.
  9. Bonjour, est-ce que je pourrais avoir une correction de mon oral s'il vous plait c'est très important. Merci d'avance. Voy a hablar de la noción "Espacios e intercambios". Primero, les doy una definición de esta noción: "intercambios" significa un intercambio, una o más personas que dan y reciben. Se pueden abordar varios tipos de intercambios: comercio, mundo financiero, cultural, flujos migratorios, conquistas, ... Los "espacios" designan un área geográfica y simbólica donde los intercambios pueden tener lugar. Diversas interacciones culturales, económicas, sociológicas y lingüísticas han dado forma y caracterizado nuestro mundo moderno. Un espacio puede ser un área continua o un área libre, disponible o desocupada. Pero un intercambio es el acto de dar o recibir algo para reemplazar otra cosa. Es la reunión en dos mundos. Para responder a esta pregunta, presentaré 4 documentos: "Cruzar el estrecho de Gibraltar" de Edward Rosset, "Inmigrantes africanos" de Lucia Etxebarria, un audio titulado "Little Habana" e "Itinario de une chicano" de Isabel Allende. ¿La inmigración encarna el sueño o la pesadilla? En primer lugar, vamos a hablar de los cambios de la población y de las condiciones de vida en España y de la frontera, luego vamos a hablar de lo mismo, pero en los Estados Unidos ? España es uno de los países más elegidos por los inmigrantes que desean abandonar su país de origen para vivir en la miseria y la guerra. Sin embargo, para llegar a él hay que atravesar la tierra o el mar. El cruce es un viaje muy difícil y los inmigrantes, empiezan a vivir una pesadilla porque el mar ofrece horribles condiciones de cruce, la muerte vuela sobre cada barco, entonces debe sobrevivir por todos los medios. Dos documentos que estudiamos en clase lo demuestran. El documento "Cruzar el estrecho de Gibraltar" escrito por Edward Rosset es un texto extracto de Emigrantes en el que el autor cuenta la travesía y las condiciones de vida durante un viaje de otros inmigrantes diferentes desde Marruecos hasta España a través del personaje José, un latinoamericano protagonista. Durante esta historia descubrimos cómo se produce la inmigración para cada persona de diferente origen: subsahariano, latinoamericano, marroquios, ... Llegados a una playa española, los emigrantes deben esconderse para no ser detenidos por la Guardia Civil. Desafortunadamente, después de largas horas de caminata, la Guardia Civil los atrapa. Entonces José se hizo mil preguntas sobre su futuro y el de los demás. Este texto es parte del concepto "Esapces e intercambios" porque es el intercambio de flujos migratorios y culturales, así como las interacciones lingüísticas entre diferentes orígenes. Otro texto nos presenta nuevamente las dificultades que los inmigrantes deben soportar para sobrevivir. El documento "Inmigrantes africanos" extracto de Cosmofobia escrito por Lucía Etxebarria en 2007, nos cuenta el cruce y la llegada de 23 personas casi todos pescadores de diferentes orígenes a través del personaje Ismael. Durante el cruce, las condiciones de vida son más que deplorables, carecen de agua, comida, están apiladas, etc. Isamael vive una pesadilla y comienza a creer que morirá. Sin embargo, terminan llegando a la costa española donde son llevados a una oficina administrativa y luego a un centro de detención. Allí, aprenden que tienen que irse. Entonces, después de tomar el avión, todos se distribuyen en las tres capitales aceptando la mayoría de los inmigrantes: Madrid, Barcelona y Valencia. Este pasaje demuestra los intercambios e interacciones entre cada persona y cada espacio. Encontramos intercambios de flujos migratorios, interacciones económicas, culturales y lingüísticas. Es el encuentro entre dos mundos, entre los inmigrantes y el país de asilo, España. Estados Unidos son a menudo el lugar de ensueño para las personas que no saben dónde refugiarse o que desean irse de donde están. Este país transmite la imagen del sueño americano en su forma más pura, en todos los sentidos de la palabra. Hace que cualquiera que quiera escuchar crea que aquí es donde todos los sueños se hacen realidad y donde la vida es fácil. Sin embargo, tiene otra cara oculta. Incluso si, por un lado, este mito es cierto, por el otro las condiciones de vida son deplorables y reina la explotación de las personas. Dos documentos que hemos trabajado en clase nos muestran a ambos lados de los Estados Unidos. La idea de una vida agradable y un sueño está representada por este documento, que es un audio titulado "Little Havana" en el que podemos escuchar que los Cubanos son fáciles. Little Habana es un barrio de Miami en el que vive la población inmigrante cubana. Estos cubanos viven tranquilamente en EE.UU. Donde la vida es más fácil que en Cuba, se reúnan en la calle 8, en la esquina de la avenida 15 para hablar sobre el pasado y el futuro. En este barrio hay un ambiente nostálgico con restaurantes, alegre música cubana y su café típico. Todos estos cubanos salen de Cuba ha provocado la destrucción de Castro y del sistema totalitario para obtener una vida mejor. Luego, Cema demuestra la noción de "espacios e intercambios" porque hay un informe de intercambios culturales, comerciales entre cada cubano y con los EE.UU. Sin embargo, Estados Unidos solo muestra el sueño americano ocultando la verdad: un lugar donde uno debe sobrevivir en lugar de vivir. Como vemos en el documento "Itinario de un chicano", que es un texto extracto de El Plan infinito escrito por Isabel Allende en 1991. "Itinerario de un chicano", cuenta la historia de un joven mejicano de veinte años que acaba de terminar su servicio militar y que decide ir a EE.UU porque no quiere seguir viviendo en la miseria de su familia que son pobres campesinos de Zacatecas. Se deja entonces atraer por el sueño americano y la tierra prometida. Il veut échapper au cauchemar ça ne sera pas le cas cependant au début El texto nos cuenta pues este recorrido en búsqueda de un trabajo. Su primera etapa es Tijuana donde la mano de obra es barata. Contrariamente a lo que se imaginaba , no encuentra trabajo así que fue difícil para él obtener los documentos necesarios para cruzar la frontera legalmente. Luego decidió cruzarla ilegalmente. En California, de nuevo lo pasó mal, trabajó como jornalero, no tuvo dinero para alimentarse correctamente, fue explotado y además perseguido por la Migra. Para sobrevivir, tuvo que adaptarse para hablar spanglish. Así pudo instalarse y regularizar su situación, tuvo un trabajo y una vivienda , y finalmente fue a buscar a su novia Inmaculada para casarse con ella, comienza a ver el comienzo de un sueño. Este documento representa intercambios a nivel de flujos migratorios, económicos pero también a través de interacciones lingüísticas. Los Estados Unidos representan bien los dos aspetos, pueden idealizar el sueño como la pesadilla, pero al final siempre es posible sobrevivir. En conclusión, acabo de estudiar 5 documentos que muestran que Estados Unidos y España han sido áreas comerciales durante años. De hecho, en mi primera parte, tenemos que España es uno de los países más elegidos por los inmigrantes por varias razones, sin embargo, para llegar allí es difícil, las condiciones de viaje son deplorables y la llegada ya que muestra los textos "Inmigrantes africanos" y "Cruzar el estrecho de Gibraltar" donde descubrimos el horror del cruce. En mi segunda parte, vimos que Estados Unidos es un país donde las personas que quieren vivir una vida mejor vienen a refugiarse allí. Algunos tienen la suerte de vivir pacíficamente y fácilmente como los habitantes cubanos de La Pequeña Habana que viven con facilidad, pero desafortunadamente algunos tienen mala suerte y tienen que luchar para sobrevivir como Pedro Morales. Todos estos eventos, todas estas formas tienen un vínculo directo o indirecto con la noción de "espacios e intercambios" a través de diferentes cosas a nivel lingüístico, económico o incluso cultural. Estados Unidos y España son países inmigrantes, lo que los convierte en países diversos y contrastados.
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    Une comparaison d'images

    Bonjour, pouvez-vous me corriger ce devoir d'espagnol s'il vous plait. Je sais pas si tout est juste. Merci Esta foto cuadrada es un plano de conjunto: el espectador percibe la acción su su conjunto. Además, fue tomada en contrapicado: el espectador se encuentra dominado por un tema ennoblecido, que aparece superior. Nos da la impresión de que las personas que rodean a la mujer son importantes, observando indiferentemente la escena que se desarrolla ante sus ojos. Representan una especie de superioridad sobre el médico. La foto consta de dos tomas: en el fondo podemos ver a un grupo de personas que se ven pobres en un semicírculo, sonriendo. En primer plano, estas personas rodean a una persona muerta debajo de una lona blanca. Por otro lado, la elección de los colores blanco y negro demuestra la sensación y la atmósfera que pesan en este evento. Los personajes no muestran compasión, no se reúnen alrededor de estos muertos porque tienen problemas y se consuelan. No, podemos creer que están allí para admirar esta escena y reírse de ella como lo demuestran las expresiones en sus rostros. Esta elección de color aporta un sentido dramático a la historia. Al descubrir la leyenda, se nos brinda nueva información. El cadáver debajo de la lona blanca era una doctora llamada Angeline Isabel Romero. Fue carbonizada en un distrito democrático de Maracabio en Venezuela, tal vez por personas que vivían en sufrimiento porque representaba la riqueza, la superioridad desde el punto de vista de su oficio. Pero también porque estas personas no pueden beneficiarse de la atención médica, ya que los servicios de médicos como ella no son gratuitos. Sintiéndose abandonados y abandonados, cerca de la muerte, podrían haberla matado para vengarse y restaurarla como una especie de injusticia social. Sin embargo, estas son solo suposiciones porque no tenemos información sobre las razones de la muerte de esta mujer y las razones de las sonrisas en los rostros de las personas, pero se regocijan por la muerte de la mujer. Esta leyenda nos hace comprender que estas personas ciertamente tienen un sentimiento de venganza, recuperación de una injusticia social, pero no nos da información clara sobre el motivo de su sonrisa o la muerte de este médico. Esta segunda foto cuadrada es un plano americano: el espectador está al lado de los personajes. Además, se tomó en frente: el espectador percibe el conjunto de la acción, el fotógrafo está en medio de la gente, no está separado. La foto consta de dos tomas: en el fondo, podemos ver que la escena se desarrolla en un cementerio, rodeado de montañas. En primer plano, las personas ciertamente se reúnen alrededor de una tumba para recogerse. Por otro lado, aquí la elección de colores cálidos muestra una sensación de comodidad, todos vienen aquí para llorar la muerte de una persona que estaba cerca de ellos, podemos ver a través de la tristeza que emana de su rostro, él No hay sentimiento de alegría. Todos se ayudan mutuamente en paz para honrar a esta persona. Familia y amigos se consuelan mutuamente. Sin embargo, estas son solo suposiciones porque solo estamos analizando lo que vemos. No sabemos las razones de la muerte de esta persona o quién era Leyendo la leyenda, nos traen nuevos elementos. Esta persona era una niña de 18 años llamada Alexandra Conopoy que fue asesinada por un policía en la víspera de Año Nuevo en un mitin de 50 personas por comida en Mamera, Antimano. Tenía 5 meses de embarazo en el momento de su homicidio. En el funeral, la madre de la niña, Eubardis Herrera, se desmayó durante el entierro. Entonces podemos entender que esta chica fue asesinada sin razón, estaba allí, en el lugar equivocado, en el momento equivocado, era una niña inocente que vino a buscar comida. Entonces, en su funeral, toda su familia y amigos se reunieron para llorar su muerte y rendirle homenaje.
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    Notion bac : espaces et échanges

    Merci beaucoup vous m'avez vraiment aidé parce que l'anglais c'est vraiment pas mon fort. Oui je suis désolée la prochaine fois je veillerais bien à me relire. Merci beaucoup encore une fois.
  12. Bonjour, est-ce que je pourrais avoir une correction de mon oral s'il vous plait c'est très important. Merci d'avance. I'm going to talk about the notion “Spaces and exchanges”. First, I give you a definition of this notion: "Exchanges" refers to exchange, one or more people who give and receive. There are several types of exchanges can be approached: trade, financial, cultural, migratory flows, conquests,... "Spaces" refers, him, to a geographical and symbolic areas where exchanges can take place. Various interactions like cultural, economic, sociological and language have shaped and characterized our modern day world. A space may be continuous area or expance wich free, avaible or unoccuped. But an exchange it's the act of giving or receiving something in substitution for something else. C'est la rencontre entre deux mondes. To answer this question I will present 3 documents: Uncle Sam by KAL, A Boy's Journey by Seymour Rechtzeit, The Ellis Island Webqest and the audio of Trump's Mexico border wall. In the first time, we will note that immigration has always been an integral part of the history of the United States of America and in a second time we are focusing on the immigration of USA today. To what extent did the United States play the role of space and exchange in immigration for a while? 1ere partie : For centuries, people from all walks of life have decided to migrate to other countries for economic reasons, politics, etc ... The dream of any immigrant would be to find a country where life is easy. This dream has been embodied for many years by the United States of America, they idealize the American dream in all its splendor according to which the US territory would offer a better life for all with opportunities for everyone. Each document that I will present to you all adopt a type of space and exchange many years ago. In "The New Colossus" written in 1883 by Emma Lazarus, from a Portuguese Jewish family immigrated to the US, is a sonnet is about the Statue of Liberty and how it welcomes immigrants from all over the world. It deals with the topic on immigration and how friendly immigrants are welcomed by the statye of liberty which is a symbol for America. The "Colussus" refers to the Colussus of Rhodes which is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. It is a bronze statue of the sun god Helios. The statue is talking to all immigrants, tries to entourage the immigrants to come to the "New World" which is America. It's a personification becase the statue talks to the immigrants in the second part. This makes more appropriate for immigrants to understand. So we can say that it is an exchange between immigrants and the sonnet, he speaks to immigrants and helps them. This sonnet was engraved on a bronze plaque at the foot of the statue of liberty, which shows us that immigration came a long time ago to the United States. However the role of spaces and exchanges exists in different forms there, for example on the site dedicated to Ellis Island "The Ellis Island Webquest" we learned that from 1892 to 1954 groups of person by thousands arrive by boat in a Immigration station to pass several stages by passing tests that will define their statue: whether they have the right to enter the United States or not. All of these immigrants come from countries around the world and have decided to come to the US to live the American dream, to feel free without being afraid of what made them flee from home. So we can say that this is part of the concept 'spaces and exchanges' because it is a migratory flow of people from all over the world in the United States, the main country chosen by migrants as well as various interactions like language. my first document is a text entitled " a boy's journey " writen by seymour reichtzit an immigrant from poland en 1920 Seymour's family wanted to immigrate to the United States through the seas and oceans while sailing on a boat with more than deplorable conditions, however while passing by Ellis Island he was examined and because of his cold he had to stay there a few days being separated from his father. Finally, he was accepted in the United States. There he quickly became a famous singer and made a lot of money to bring his family to America. Unfortunately, with the immigration laws that were established it did not work, so he sang for the President of the United States who agreed to help him bring his family to the United States. only Seymour, although he was sick, and his father were allowed to enter the country. This text then adheres to the notion of spaces and exchanges at the level of cultural exchanges, migratory flows and various interactions like cultural, language and sociological. Between the years 1800 and 2000, the United States has always been the country chosen by immigrants for all that it seems to offer as the myth of the "American dream". Nevertheless this dream is extended well after this passage. To date, the United States is still the country chosen among migrants since accessibility is quite simple but also because some still believe that it is a place where all the wishes can be realized. As for example, in the caricature of Uncle Sam in 2008 by Kal, we could see that the US uses to their advantage migrants to maintain the country, it pays them benefits because they work for cheap. But these people give, take care of the symbol as of the country but are unfortunately exploited by the USA by occupying unskilled jobs. They are used to increase their power over the world. This caricature then relates to the commercial and financial exchanges between the country and people of any origin but also in certain various interactions economic However, it is not only in the history that immigration to the USA is marked since some projects are to be expected in the future in order to stop this flow of migration. One of the most popular projects is the construction of the wall promoted by Donald Trump during his election campaign that will prevent the drug from Mexico to enter the country of the United States as well as the arrival of immigrants from Mexico to USA. It will block anyone who tries to enter the country, thus eliminating migratory flows that could have brought some financial benefits to the country. However this wall refers to the geographical areas of the notion "spaces" since it is at the entrance of Mexico as of the USA. But this wall is part of the financial exchanges for the most part because while Trump decided this construction of this wall without the consent of Mexico, he decreed wanting to make Mexico pay the entire project is then part of the economic interactions of the concept "spaces". In conclusion, I have just studied 3 documents demonstrating the fact that the United States has been a space of exchanges for years. Indeed, in my first part we have seen that immigration has always been part of the US in different forms: an immigration station, a bronze plaque at the feet of the Statue of Liberty and in a text of an immigrant. Through these examples we have seen that immigration is fully integrated into the country and is part of its history. In my second part, we saw that today it is still the case since some artists express through caricatures, works, etc ... the role of the country in immigration as in future projects such than Donald Trump's wall that has a direct bearing on this. All these events, these forms all have a direct or indirect relation to the notion "spaces and exchanges" through different things at the financial, economic or even cultural level. The USA is a country of immigrants, which makes the united-state a different and contrasted country.
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