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  1. arjun

    Qualités requises pour être un bon employé

    hello! merci de m'avoir corriger .
  2. HELLO! CORRIGE ME PLEASE! (pouvez vous me noter à la fin sur 20) what qualities are required to be good employee ? (sujet argumentation) The qualities to be a good employees are: Communicator: Employers prefer to hire employees who have the ability to communicate well and speak with clients and other employees, either in writing or orally. Inappropriate communication between employees can cause a lot of problems for the company. Disciplined and punctual: Every boss prefers a punctual, disciplined and conscientious employee. Time is money. Coming late to office, taking unnecessary breaks, and leaving earlier than the usual hours cost money to the company. No employer will ever appreciate this. To polite: Being friendly and approachable will never harm. a good employee greets her co workers a ‘good morning’, says little courteous things like ‘thank you’ and ‘you are welcome’. These things may appear insignificant but can be appreciated by the employer. Honesty: A good employee is honest about his work and qualifications.the willing to receive feedback is essential to become a good learner. Honest and humble people, especially when they are in the higher ranks of the company, are greatly appreciated. Teamwork: De nombreuses entreprises sont composées d'équipes. Toute entreprise nécessite un effort d'équipe efficace. Quelqu'un qui est organisé et qui assure le bon fonctionnement d'une équipe est un employé qui est sérieux et appliqué. Helping others: everyone appreciates a helping hand every now and then. Do not hesitate in helping out others. This make the person establish friendly relations with the coworkers and keeps the office running smoothly which in turn is appreciated by the employers. Adapt to any situation: Employees who know how to adjust themselves to new environment, willing to learn new things and perform their best in changes are likely to be the best performers in any organization.
  3. arjun

    Voyage dans le temps, help me please!

    bonjour et merci pour la reponse
  4. arjun

    merci JRB d'avoir corrigé mon sujet d'imagination

  5. arjun

    Voyage dans le temps, help me please!

    merci vous m'auriez mis combien sur 20, merci de votre reponse
  6. arjun

    Voyage dans le temps, help me please!

    imagine you can travel back to the past;write a story describing your arrival in the period of your choice. It was in 1980, I had arrived in my father's house, he was the same age as me and I could see my grandfather and my grandmother. I then explained to my father and my grandparents that I were coming from the future, they did not believe me and they made fun of me. But after showing the photos of my father and mother, my grandparents finally realized that I was in their family. The problem is that my father did not believe me, he was really arrogant. I took my bag and I took in my bag a letter from my father of the future, then I passed this letter to my father from the past. When my father from the past had read the letter, he immediately understood the situation and he immediately trusted me. After a long discussion with my father from the past, I went to see my mother's family. My mother's family reacted in the same way as my father's family, but then after a very long explanation, they realized that I was in their family. I talked a little with my mother from the past and I went back to my father's house. My father's family was very poor, but now my father's family has become rich thanks to the knowledge I had acquired in the future. I even gave my mother a cookbook to learn how to cook. I gave gifts to all the family of my father and mother of the past so that he does not forget me.