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  1. JRB

    Correction d'une traduction

    Bonjour, Voici ce que j’ai remarqué, c’est-à-dire pas grand’ chose. Today, the term e-health encompasses all innovations in the use of information and communication technologies in relation to healthcare. * which is a diagnosis assistance software developed by ** is a perfect example. << Pour cette phrase, j’aurais plutôt collé au français >> The * diagnosis assistance software developed by ** is the perfect example. ** is a tool designed in order to improve the flow of patients in emergency departments by allowing reception and orientation nurses to improve the time needed for diagnosis. During my internship, my project was to carry out a real-life study of the software in the emergency department of the ***. Then to compare the diagnoses offered by * with those of the *** in order to know if the software is or not really relevant or not. Bonne chance.
  2. Bonjour, L'objectif de la construction européenne est de favoriser une PAIX durable en développant par étapes les échanges commerciaux entre pays membres. < paix = féminin ... mais aussi pour faciliter la reconstruction de l'Europe. < infinitif En 1981, vient s'ajouter la Grèce et en 1986, s'ajoutent l'Espagne et le Portugal. < Espagne + Portugal = 2 = pluriel ! Par exemple, cela permet aux étudiants d'aller faire leurs études à l'étranger ... < ordre des mots logique Seuls vingt-deux des vingt-huit États de l'UE sont associés à l'espace Schengen. < 22 = pluriel ! ... la Suisse... < as-tu une bonne acuité visuelle ? En revanche, certains pays membres de l'UE ont refusé d'entrer dans la zone euro... < le participe passé est invariable dans le passé composé En 2007, viennent s'ajouter la Roumanie, la Bulgarie. < 1 + 1 = 2 = pluriel et rebelote ! ... s'est PROGRESSIVEMENT APPROFONDIE et Élargie à de nouveaux membres. < préposition = accent grave Bonne chance !
  3. JRB

    Littérature anglaise TL / 2°

    Bonjour, Sans vouloir jouer l'oiseau de mauvais augure, je doute que tu obtiennes jamais une réponse. Pour preuve, la dernière connexion de SmithLyon4 remonte au 31 mai 2017.
  4. JRB

    Demande de correction notion bac

    Bpnjour, I am going to present you the notion Myths and Heroes First of all I would like to give a definition of this notion : → a myth can be defined as a story about gods or heroes, it can be a popular belief or a tradition. → An hero = someone who possesses many qualities like courage/ bravery + he can be a mythological figure, or an ordinary person, In general a hero fights against racism or for a cause such as equality or justice" We will focus on the notion through the example of racism and more especially about the segregation in America : THEREFORE WE COULD ASK OURSELVES : How can a victim destroy a myth and become a heroe ? in order to answer this question, we will see in a first part that.. I / The idea that white << adjectif = invariable people are superior to blacks is like a myth In a second part, we will see that.. II / Some black victims are fighting against racism + become heroes so the documents that I have chosen and (that) represent the notion the best to me are first : *Video the second document that I have chosen is again also a video : * Concerning the third document : * The pellicular Institution: I/ The Idea that white << encore ! people are superior to black << et encore ! people is like a myth << à partir de maintenant je ne corrige plus cette faute de grammaire élémentaire 1) Indeed, blacks people are victims there is an excessive power that white people exercised over black people. It was especially exercised in America until the end of the civil war, and during the period of slavery. The black people were deprived of all their rights as human →Hattie mcDaniel: her rôle in the movie ‘Gone with the wind’ shows that → whites have the upper hand over blacks. (she played the rôle of the ‘mammy’ and she was « the slave » of the family and she must obey to the orders and wishes of whites people, she had to be the nanny ) = at that time, it was a normal thing to have a maid at home and it was always black people. +maids was >> were considered like the slave of the family because Civil Right mov →the application of Jim Crow Laws = blacks were mistreated / segregated schools/ public transit/ public toilets they were victims of violence 2)What the defenders of the slavers say → doc texte : it’s like a myth because they difuse in the world lots of prejuducices concerning the slavery Defenders of slavery argued that the end to the slave economy would have had a profound economic impact in the South - if all the slaves were freed, there would be widespread unemployment - slavery had existed throughout history / The Greeks had slaves, the Romans had slaves, -They said that in the Bible, Abraham had slaves. = it’s a normality and for people who defend slavery it’s a tradition II/ Some blacks are fighting against the racism + become heroes 1) They claimed their rights →video : 1909 : A group of black and white campaigners created the National Association for the advancement of colored people their goal was to → increase racial equality and to stop the Jim craw laws black = are fighting together against the... Black Power : by Stokely Carmichael in opposition to extremists like the KKK the civil right movement began with boycotts, marches, + other peaceful protests (The Montgomery bus boycott was a political and social protest campaign against the policy of racial segregation on the public transit system of Montgomery, ) 2) They became models and examples civil rights leaders → vidéo : Martin L K leader in the civil rights movement 1964, won the Nobel Peace Prize for combating racial inequality through nonviolent resistance. →video During her speach at the ceremony she << Qui est-ce ? said : 'I sincerely hope I will always be a credit to my race and the motion picture industry.' → 1st black person to win an oscar Now, she is a model for black women, because in the video, we see other women who win an oscar and she thanks Hatty
  5. JRB

    Oral / Disneyland Time Castle

    Bonjour, Place of burial : beneath this spot = sous cet endroit, c'est-à-dire très probablement la pierre tombale. Author : The Walt Disney Company ???<<< C'est une déduction, il n'y a aucun indice sur ton document pour donner une réponse formelle.
  6. JRB

    Fautes orthographe à corriger

    Concernant economic/economical, cela dépend du contexte et pour le coup je dois reconnaître que ça m'avait échappé complètement. Comme quoi ...
  7. JRB

    Fautes orthographe à corriger

    Bonjour, Questions: 1) The Prime Minister, Theresa May, has to satisfy the Tories in favour of Brexit and the Tories who want to stay in the EU: Leavers prefer to take their time for the negotiations and Remainers want good trades to stay near closely related to the EU. 2) After the referendum for the Brexit, some countries members of the EU change their point of view about Britain: they think the Brexit in the UK brings a separation about the population and an economic crisis. 3) With the Brexit, the migration system in Britain has changed. But the journalist thinks the UK has to open its borders to qualified people because they can influence and develop the economy with their pieces of knowledge. 4) Even though Theresa May’s politicy was has had a positive result during the first 100 days, the columnist estimates considers/reckons the Prime Minister has difficulties to deal with the EU: she must work to save Britain of from a hard Brexit. Essay: “Britain should continue to be a magnet for skilled migrants from Europe and the rest of the world” Discuss. Today, it’s not unusual to meet people with another nationality in our countries. This exchange of population is now possible with the development of means of transport and communication. With Brexit, Britain will change its migration policy and stop a part of population movement. But it can be a problem for qualified people who can bring economic, political and social pieces of knowledge. Should Britain should continue to open its borders to skilled people? Generally, most qualified people prefer to travel abroad and develop their company in different countries. In Britain, there are a lot of international firms and people who worked into there can develop the economy with merchandise flows and particularly capital flows. If these companies are big, they can also influence too policy and diplomacy with their impact in Britain (for example they can negotiate some taxes) and in the rest of the world (with commercial relationship). But with Brexit, Britain will impose new taxes and rules and it’s a problem for international firms who which own factories and head offices in the country. Besides, skilled people can influence to the population because they have a different culture. Foreigners have to develop their social integration and they can share their culture with language, food, tradition… This will spread social mix with various/different levels: in cities, districts and especially in a schools with foreigners' children. Britain has to work about its migration policy to continue to develop this kind of exchange (economic, political, cultural) because it’s essential for the development of the country. We have taken the example of Britain but exchanges are important too for the development of all countries in the world.
  8. JRB


    Bonjour Maël, Ci-dessous, j’ai relevé 4 fautes que j’ai corrigées en vert souligné. À toi de jouer à présent. Bonjour à toutes et à tous. Nous avons le plaisir d’accueillir sur notre plateau un talentueux poète, je parle bien sûre d'Arthur Rimbaud. Je serais moi-même honoré de répondre à vos questions. <<< Le futur, pas le conditionnel Malheureusement, j’ai dû rentrer précipitamment en France car j'étais malade.
  9. JRB

    Question importante

    Sciences, of course! See there >>>>> Please note that it is a French speaking forum.
  10. JRB

    Question importante

    Hello, Although I don't understand why you posted your question above in the English section, here is its translation into easily understood French: L’histamine provoque un resserrement des bronches et une production accrue des mucosités dans l’arbre bronchique. Qu’advient-il de la pression d’oxygène dans ses alvéoles ? Sera-t-elle normale, abaissée ou haussée ? Expliquez. Good luck!
  11. JRB


    Bonjour, Si tu en es l'auteur et qu'il n'a pas reçu de réponse, clique sur le bouton "Editer" puis en bas de page sur le bouton "Supprimer".
  12. Bien vu, ça m'avait échappé ! Notre ami Bourbon n'aura plus qu'à rectifier, je lui en laisse le soin.
  13. Bonjour, Relecture.odt
  14. JRB

    Oral Bac

    Bonjour, Today my presentation is going to deal with the theme «Meeting other people, love and friendship», but especially with the notion of love. Love is a feeling everyone experiences but not always in the same way, it has many forms. Literature, as a reflection of life, is full of love stories. We can wonder what are the different forms of love are. < Ici “what” est pronom relatif, pas interrogatif. En conséquence, l’ordre des mots est celui d’une phrase déclarative/affirmative. First and foremost, we’ll see love declared through Shakespeare’s work and then unrequited love. As a starter, let’s tackle some a certain Shakespeare, a renowned English poet and playwright born in 1564, who wrote the greatest love scenes of all time. My first document, Shakespeare’s greatest love poem, Sonnet 18, is the best known and most well-loved of all his 154 sonnets. It is also one of the most straightforward in language and intent. His sonnet 18 focuses on the loveliness of a friend or lover, the speaker initially asking a rhetorical question comparing her to a summer’s day. < Nom composé de nom + nom / L’été ne possède pas le jour He then goes on to introduce the pros and cons of the weather, from an idyllic English summer’s day to a less welcome dimmed sun and rough winds. Moreover, according to Shakespeare, poetry seems to be endowed with an eternal quality and the written words will remain whereas human life cannot last forever. We can see different forms of love in this poem: there is passion. Indeed, the poet celebrates a beauty which is beyond description. He glorifies his muse and her extreme beauty and his love for her. He will immortalize her and her beauty in his poems. On the other hand, there is also self-celebration, the poet is proud of himself for preserving the beauty of the loved one forever in his poems. My personal document, another poem from Shakespeare, Sonnet 116 is a poem about love in its most ideal form. It is a sonnet with 14 lines and a couplet written for a lover. Love should not meet obstacles when the two lovers agree to start a relationship based on trust and understanding. The first quatrain insists on the poet’s pleasure in love that is constant and strong and will not «alter when it alterations finds. Therefore, this means love will resist hardships. Besides, in the second quatrain, the lines proclaim that true love is indeed an «ever-fix’d mark»: «a star», this is a metaphor for a light that guides lovers and the light which guides the «bark», through the voyage of life. Eventually, in the last quatrain, the poet believes that time will not have any influence on love, even if love is doomed by fate and death. The metaphor of the «sickle» is the symbol of the passing time, the final judgement is death. However, love is not always reciprocal, this leads me to my second part where I’m going to talk about unrequited love. In fact, this means a love-hate relationship when one is in love but there is no response from the loved one. My third document is an excerpt taken from a novella entitled The Ballad of the Sad Café written by Carson McCullers in 1951 who is an American playwright and author. It is a story of unrequited love. Indeed, Marvin Macy is deeply in love with Miss Amelia who married him but she refuses to consummate the marriage. She deliberately addresses a man and ignores her husband from the very first day of her marriage. The eccentricity of the characters is underlined. This is nothing like a classic wedding. The roles are reversed as Marvin Macy and Miss Amelia did not spend their wedding night together. We have a story of love illustrated through the romantic longings and attractions of Marvin Macy and Miss Amelia, both eccentric characters. The different characters’ behaviour, which is never revealed by the author, indicates that feelings of love and attraction are not necessarily reasonable or understandable to others. In fact, his new wife does not share his views of «Love» and he has to keep his love to himself. She is unable to love and he will suffer because of this. In a nutshell, we have seen three different situations and three different relationships: passion in Sonnet 18, romantic love in Sonnet 116 and unrequited love in the excerpt of The Ballad of the Sad Café. The writers both use personification and other literary devices to breathe life into their creations. Ta maîtrise de l’anglais écrit est remarquable, j’imagine donc qu’il en va de même pour l’oral. Bonne chance.
  15. JRB

    Suite d'histoire à écrire

    Bonjour, Correction.docx
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