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Bonjour, j'ai un Ds demain j'ai réviser mais je stresse un peu.. Pour m'entrainer j'aimerais si possible que l'on me pose quelque questions  sur le texte, j'essaierais d'y répondre.. Merci


Alix has just found some newpaper cutting in a drawer, proving that Gerald, the man she recently married , is actually Charles Lemaitre, a woman-killer wanted by the police


And then she stayed montionless as though petrified, then she crept on tiptoe to the window, looking out from behind she shelter of the curtain

Yes, it was her husband

He was smiling to himself and humming a little tune , In this hel an obect wiwh almost made the terrified girl's heart stop beating. It was a brand- new spade

Alix leaped to a knowledge born of instinct. It was be tonight

But there was still chance. Gerard, humming his little tune, went round to the back of the house .

Without hesitating a moment, she ran down the stairs and out of cottage. But just as she emerged from the door, her husband came round the other side of the house


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À l'avenir, sois plus prévoyante, je ne passe pas 24 h/24 devant mon petit écran ! :rolleyes:

- What has Alix just discovered about her husband?

- What was her husband holding in his hand?

- How did she feel?

- What did she try to do?

- What happened eventually?


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