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  1. EO _The idea of progress

    Bonsoir, I'm going to talk about the idea of progress and to do that, I think it's important to define the notion first: to me, the idea of progress is an improvement, a development in many domains: technical, scientific, social in order to make the world a better place. This year in class we've studied several documents about the idea of progress and through the theme of new technologies. I have chosen to talk about a new entertainment device so that I could answer this question '' How does the advent of the tv on demand affect our modern lifestyles? ''. To answer this question I will present you two documents. First of all, history is made of progress and evolution that have allowed enabled the world to be what it is today. Thanks to advances in sciences, medicine has become much more efficient and accessible. All this most major evolution was largely of use to the man in general and also improved in a considerable way its < L’accord avec man ? standard of living. The appearance of the world networks, of the computing as the Internet is a part of one of these high steps which the man was able to make. < L’homme = les hommes = l’humanité = man sans déterminant This network allows the global scale to discover and to be informed about the rest of the planet. x Internet, television, marks the arrival of a new media, and is only beginning because every day we can discover new manners to bring every all types of information. < every + nom singulier Here, in these we go to see the television. < Du diable si cela signifie quelque chose ! In the past, the television was more or less managed by the State: censorship and most of the chains belonged to him. < L’état n’était un homme que sous Louis XIV ! Today it is the media the most popular medium in France and its freedom of distribution is almost total. The limits of censorship are more and more pushed away. At the same time there was privatization of most of channels was seen which in TF1. < charabia ! The television is nowadays the major source of the influence exercised on each. But progress can be dangerous if not controlled or used for bad evil. The first document I have chosen is a diagram in a bar showing the average daily television viewing taken from the international telecommunication union (OECD) it deals with the problem of students who should be spending more time watching television rather than studying. < Ne serait-ce pas plutôt l’inverse ? In fact, they prefer television, owing to the wide choice they can find all their favourite tv series, movies and the choices are unlimited. We can see on the bar chart that the United States has the most television coverage. In addition, we know that the United States produces and broadcasts the most programs around the world. television has a lot of drawbacks on people and young kids. To explain the scientific reluctance to new technologies I've chosen a second document which is an article from the website Yahoo.com website that tackles the problem of television consequences on children. It deals with the fact that the more kids watch television, the less focused they are in class. Moreover, according to the American academy of pediatrics, it is reported that the more time they spend watching television, the more likely they are going to fall asleep in class the day after. Furthermore, the more they watch television, the , the more difficult they find it difficult to focus at school, it's shown that the more you watch television at a young age the more addicted you will become. In the second paragraph, the survey has proved that there was another negative impact of television on toddles, in fact its results in bullying. It is shown that the more you watch television at a young age, the more difficulties you will have to fit into society. As a consequence, the more you are exposed to television as a toddler, the more likely you will become a target of a classmate. Finally, in the third paragraph, the researchers reported that there was a link between the impact of watching too much television as a child and the behavior of children who are generally victims of bullies. Those kids can become depressive, underachievers and they lack confidence. In my opinion, the technologies are among us and them they will not stop progressing to make us the our lives easier life. They have positive points and negative points according to the use which we give them. The people abandon the use of books for the technology. She < Qui ça ? Tu te relis parfois ? allows us to make things more quickly and more effectively. Indeed, some people become slaves of machines. We can also relate these articles to the the notion of Places and forms of power. Indeed we can say that the new technologies have a power on people, children. The media can influence the public opinion. Entre autres problèmes, tu en as un de très sérieux avec l’emploi abusif du déterminant « the ». Pour faire simple, il est loin de s’employer aussi systématiquement que nos le/la/les. Sans plus tarder, il te faut en réviser les règles et les assimiler. Ici >> The.doc Relis-toi aussi de manière systématique pour éliminer des fautes grammaticales grossières. Pense que le jour de l’examen, personne en le fera à ta place.
  2. Conclusion

    Bonjour, Good job!
  3. Résumé

    Bonjour, Que n'ai-je l'occasion de lire plus souvent de l'anglais aussi "mauvais " que le tien !
  4. Urgent questions / oral bac_ES

    Bonjour, En te lisant, j'ai la nette impression que tu te mets une pression tout à fait inutile. Détends-toi, tu ne vas pas à l'abattoir ! D'après mon expérience, tu es un oiseau rare, en ce sens que tu es sans doute trop perfectionniste, ce n'est pas une critique, je suis même admiratif, si, si, je t'assure. Pour répondre à tes questions, je crois pouvoir te dire qu'il n'y a pas de règle absolue sur la durée et le contenu de telle ou telle partie. Si c'était le cas, ce serait mortellement ennuyeux pour les examinateurs ! Concernant la préparation de l'entretien, je te renvoie à l'excellent site https://www.anglaisfacile.com/bac/oral.php Les réponses à tes questions y sont, plus celles auxquelles tu n'as pas pensé. Fais-toi confiance, positive, c'est une épreuve qui est largement à ta portée.
  5. ever, already, never

  6. ever, already, never

  7. EO Bac_Spaces and exchanges

    Bonjour, Bonjour, Voici mon texte pour l'oral du bac d'anglais sur le thème Spaces and Exchanges et la notion The USA, a nation of immigrants. J'ai un doute sur la facon dont j'ai formule mon plan. De plus je ne trouve pas comment etoffer davantage la premiere partie et la conclusion The notion I am going to deal with is Spaces and Exchanges. < À moins d’être LV1 allemand, ce qui pourrait expliquer la maladie, souffrirais-tu toi aussi de “majusculite aiguë » ? It refers to all types of exchanges: people, trade, media, communication. In connection with/relation to the notion the subject of my presentation will be the USA, a nation of immigrants. The immigration started on in the 17th century with the discovery of America and continued until has been going on/continuing/ to the present day. We may Wonder if is immigrating to the USA is synonymous with becoming American.< Voir note du 1er texte sur le verbe wonder I would first like to say that yes it is and then I will say that is immigrating is synonymous with becoming american because the immigration creates the american culture. To finish I think taht there is a confusion about the signification of being american. To begin, immigrating to the USA could be synonymous with being american. That's the point of view exposed by America Ferrara in her speech My name is America. Her parents immigrated from Honduras and she says she is proud to be american. She praises the USA and the people who voted for Obama in 2012. She is aiming to motivate aims at motivating people again this time to tackle the isue of the immigration reform. She considers herself as being american because of what did this country did for her parents. < because of introduit une proposition relative où what est pronom relatif = ce que. Il faut donc respecter la construction affirmative. In addition to this we could say that is immigrating in the USA is synonymous with becoming american. For example the German culture. In fact a president american < Où donc se place l’adjectif épithète ? has roots in Germany: Donald Trump. His grandfather Frederic Trump immigrated to the USA in 1850. We have readed < V. irrégulier ! a text in class about the influence of german immigrants on the USA. They bring < plutôt le present perfect kitchen utensils/items of cuisines and cooking recipes such as hot dogs and pretzels to the USA. <(*) A lot of famous american product names are from Germany as Heinz or Bayer. Even the two-day weekend and the Christmas tree are german! Of course the germans are not the only ones to make an influence on the american culture. This is also the case of latinos, asians or blacks. <(**) I think that we can't really talk about the american culture without talking about her many aspects. < Ce n’est pas une femme, donc ? (*) Aussi bien à l’oral qu’à l’écrit, la construction classique d’une phrase déclarative est la suivante : sujet + verbe + COD + autres compléments (**) Tous les adjectifs et noms de nationalités, sans exception, prennent une majuscule. Certes cela ne se remarque pas à l’oral mais, attention, ce sera remarqué à l’écrit. To finish, I think that there is a confusion about the signification of being american. We have heared a listening recording in class named Feeling American? It is an interview of Jhumpa Lahiris who is an indian american author. Even though her parents are naturalized american citizens they have always had an an easy Relationship with the country and difficulties because of the way other peoples behave with them. Indeed some people struggle to be recognized as americans because of their accents. Which is why they don't consciously consider themselves as americans. I think that what other people think is not important. If Jhumpa's parents want to feel american they should go away from the other's thought even if I admit it can be really difficult. To conclude, I would like to give my opinion about feeling like integrated to the culture of the country of arrival. On one side some people don't feel integrated because as Jhumpa's parents they feel rejected or because they just feel as they are first from the country of origin and second from the country of arrival. On the other side some people feel very integrated but it can made arouse a feeling of betrayal because of what the people from the country of origin are feeling. I think that the question of identity and immigration is very complex.
  8. EO Bac-Forms and locations of power

    Bonjour, Bonjour, J'ai fini mon texte pour l'expression orale d'anglais sur le thème Forms and Locations of Power et la notion The Red Scare. Pouvez vous me corriger si j'ai fait des fautes et me donner votre avis? J'ai essayé notamment de relier chaque partie à la notion de pouvoir mais ca m'a l'air un peu repetitif et je n'arrive pas à reformuler d'une autre facon. The notion I am going to deal with is the forms and locations of power. So power refers to the ability of a nation to have an influence or control over the others. In relation to the noton, the subject of my presentation will be the Red Scare. It's the fear of communisme during the Cold War. People were scared and paranoid because they believed that there was a communist conspiracy to overthrow the USA. It shows how much the Soviets had power on the USA. More precisely what were the conséquences of this fear on the USA? I would first like to concentrate on the impacts on the government, after I will take the effects on the civilians suspected of being communists in consideration and finally I will take a look at the USA of tomorrow: childrens. < C’est un pluriel SANS -s ! Tu l’as appris en sixième et ça n’a pas changé. To begin, I would like to talk about the foundation of our societies: our governments. Actually, they have responsibilities because they must protect the citizens and have to be careful. That's what happened during the Cold War. To illustrate this idea, I would refer to a drawing named Talking from strength where we can see two armies fighting with bows and arrows although each side side has nuclear bombs where we can see On no account to be used, because the ennemy might retaliate. That's what we call deterrence, a dissusion between each camps. < L’un ne s’accorde pas avec l’autre They were scared to use Dangerous weapons because the ennemy might use them too. It shows the millitary power of the two sides and how much it influences the confict and exacerbates the paranoia. In addition to this, we can say that the civillians were also affected by the Cold War. It was a Strange period when paranoia, suspicion and McCarthysm ruled. That's why a lot of citizens were suspected of being spies. This is the case of Jane Foster in An Unamerican Lady written in 1980. She wents < Celle-là, je ne l’avais encore jamais vue ! to the USA in the 50's to see her mother who had been operated on and was suspected of being communist. In the extract seen in class, her passport was confiscated by a border guard. It shows us how tense the atmosphere was and loadead with suspicion mostly for the foreigners. How ironic for the country of freedom! It shows how much people were influenced by the communist threat. To finish, I would like to talk about the future of the USA, after the Cold War, children. They are have always been very much protected and that was the case during the Cold War. We can see this in a civil defense film called Duck and Cover produced by the federal civil defende administration. We can see Bert the turtle showing children how to defend themselves and take shelter in case of an atomic bomb. They have to duck and cover as the turtle does. It shows how protected children were because they represent a better society without communism and the Red Scare. We can understand that there was a fear because of the power of soviets for the present but also for the future. But even if the message was gived < Révise les verbes irréguliers ! Il faut absolument les connaître tous par coeur sous leurs 3 formes. by a turtle, maybe that children were scared and upset ok knowing that there was a threat capable to kill of killing them and their family. To conclude, I would like to say that as we can see wars have impacts on governments, citizens and children. But even if I have insisted more on the USA, it was the same thing for the other side: the USSR. That's the point of view adopted in the song Russians by Sting: The Russians love their childrens too. I am convinced that we see wars in general in a Manichean way although there is bad and good on each side. I talked a lot about childrens because I think they should be less underestimated, they are not innocents childrens but are the future and have the power of making a better world without wars as the Cold War. NB Même si elles restent invisibles à l’oral, les fautes de frappe/d’orthographe que tu commets sont inexcusables. Il faut te relire systématiquement, car le jour J des épreuves écrites personne ne le fera à ta place. Entre autres règles de grammaire, revois celles qui régissent l’emploi/omission du déterminant « the ». The.doc
  9. EO Bac-The idea of progress

    Bonjour, Bonjour, J'ai fait mon texte pour l'expression orale du bac pour le thème The idea of Progress et la notion Climate fiction. Qu'en pensez-vous? (notamment sur l'expression et si mes parties sont complètes) Sauf rarissime exception, je n’interviens pas sur le fond ; la forme suffit à m’occuper ! The notion I am going to deal with is the idea of progress which refers to a forward movement and a gradual betterment to make the world a better place. It can be social, technical or scientific. In relation to the notion, the subject of my presentation will be Climate Fiction. A genre of novels which deals with x imapct of x climate change and global warming. It's often about a society in the future where, because of climate change, there is a point of non return. We may wonder to what extent has technological progress has made an impact on our environment and what could be the solutions could be. < wonder introduisant une question indirecte, l’ordre des mots doit rester celui d’une phrase déclarative/affirmative I would first like to concentrate on the fact that technological progress made < plutôt le present perfect a bad impact on our environnment and then I will move on the good progress: technology could save us from the past errors. To finish I will talk about the first thing to change if we want to make this world a better palce. To begin, every < implique un singulier > days we can see on TV the results of progress on our planet: droughts, rises in températures, desertification, raise of the sea level or ice melting. All this happens because of the humans < adjectif INVARIABLE activities. To illustrate this idea I would like to refer to a movie, Waterworld of by Kevin Costner were < in which, > je suppose because of global warming, the ice caps melted, consequently, océans level became too high. < As-tu déjà rencontré de nombreux mots d’anglais portant un accent ? We can explain that by the fact that there is a greenhouse effect caused/provoked by many things such as cars, some factories and even spray cans. I think that today it has become vital to reduce carbons emissions by using for example electrics cars or renewables énergies as photovoltaic or geothermal énergies. So we have to be carreful about our acts. < Là, tu accumules des fautes sur des notions de grammaire élémentaire et d’orthographe que je te laisse le soin de corriger toi-même. In addition to this, we can hope that, if the situation become < Le sujet n’est-il pas singulier ? Donc ? precendeted, < ??? < Ne disposerais-tu d'aucun dictionnaire ? maybe that technology can may/might save us. Perhaps by using renewable énergies < encore ! or why not robots to make the situation better. It's what happen in the novel The Scorpions Rules of Erin Bow, in which 400 years in the future, after climate change, wars and diseases, an Artificial Intelligence, who saved manking tell us her story. But I think that even if it's a positiv progress we mussn't wait until we need an Artificial Intelligence to change things. Furthermore it' Dangerous because we don't know everything about robots and there is a lot of movies were the robots created by the humans revolt. For this reasons, < Bravo pour l'accord ! we have to be careful and think about now and not only about the future. To finish, I would like to talk about the most efficient solution for according to me. We have to make the people aware. Of course scientists have demonstrated the existence of greenhouse effect for example but a lot of people aren't really informed about it and some people don't even believe it as Donald Trump. For example, Leonardo di Caprio in his speech for the United Nations talks about the importance of the awareness. Because he's famous, people will be more convinced by what he says. Consequently they will be more interssted about what they can do to change the situation. For example if the people are made aware, the such systems as the limitation of limiting the use of carbon per person, as in the Carbon Diary of Saci LLoyd will be more easily applied. That's why before thinking to change of changing the situaton we have to change the people's minds/mentalities. To conclude, I would like to say that progress, even if it can make the world a better place for us, because our life are easyier, can too also have bad conséquences on the environment. Maybe that we can change this by making more progress, by using robots for example but we mussnt wait until the situation become unprecendented to react. The first step is for me to make the people aware and to laern < La différence de sens entre learn et teach ? > teach them that they can change the situation even if they haven't a lot of opportunities as our governments. We have to make the world a better place not only for us but a better place for all the future générations. < Es-tu conscient que tu écris en anglais ? Au boulot ! NB Rectifie ta classe dans ton profil, tu n’es plus en seconde.
  10. Besoin d'aide pour corriger mon oral svp

    The notion I am going to deal with is « Spaces and Exchanges < Souffrirais-tu de “majusculite aiguë ” ? From 1870 to 1996, Canada the Canadian government removed Aboriginal children from their home and culture and put them in residencial < orthographe schools. The purpose/point of these schools was to integrate these children into the white culture, they were forbidden to speak their own language, otherwise they were beaten. We can discribe < orthographe it as a cultural genocide. We will see to what extend < orthographe Truth and Reconciliation Commissions have really solves < present perfect = have/has + participe passé x problems. First, since few years the relationships between Canada and Aborigenes seems to be have been on the path of apology and reconciliation for a few years. Recently in 2008, the canadian government acknowledged their responsability and apologised for abuse in residencial schools. < orthographe x 3 Truth and Reconciliation Commissions set up in 2008.The Canadian government reproduced those of South Africa which took place in order to forgive and forget what Apartheid was all about. This kind of commisson isn't a punitive form of justice but rather a restorative justice. These commissions aim at correcting imbalances, restoring broken relationships with healing, harmony and reconciliation. X Canadian government also settled the United Nations Declaration on the Right of Indigenous People and provide equity for aboriginal people in the legal system. On top of that, they created a national council for reconciliation and many commemorations take place along the year. Secondly, we will see what are the consequences today of this cultural genocide are today. < C’est une phrase affirmative où what est pronom relatif ; il faut donc en respecter la construction. First nation men and women today are very likely to suffer from psychological disorders and alcoholism or likely to take drugs, to be unemployed. Because of Residencial schools, they are intellectually and culturally inferior. In addition to that, as they were not allowed to speak their own language, Aboriginal languages are critically endangered. Nowadays, the government implement < Décidément ! symbolical measures: they teach what happened in Residencial schools. They not only deprived these children from their families they also stole their cultural identity. The setting up of measures to improve their welfare can't repare what have < Et alors ? been done. To conclude it is puzzling to see how long it took the Canadian authorities to fully acknowledge the abuse First nations endured with the residential schools. The TRC can help aborigenes to forgive and forget what happened but the First Nation could never recover from what they suffered from. This is a topical issue as we live in a world were <!!! populations are made to move and adjust to new culture such as the Inuit. Because of the ice pack melting, some parts of the Arctic Zone are now accessible. Some countries are becoming more and more interested in the access to raw materiels (lithium). Inuits don't have a word to say as they are considered are inferior. Conseils : - Utilise le dictionnaire systématiquement car tu commets trop de fautes d’orthographe. En te lisant, j’ai souvent l’impression que tu penses et écris en français, puis que tu «traduis » en anglais. Si c’est le cas, il faut vite te défaire de cette mauvaise méthode qui est la pire de toutes. - Apprends ou révise les verbes irréguliers que tu dois connaître par coeur sous leurs trois formes. - Revois également les règles d’emploi/omission de « the » avec lesquelles tu sembles en délicatesse. Voir là : The.doc - Enfin, n’oublie pas d’exploiter les richesses du site https://www.anglaisfacile.com/ qui est une véritable mine d’or. - Bonne continuation.
  11. Besoin d'aide pour corriger mon oral svp

    I’m going to talk about « Places and Forms of Power ». < Pourquoi les majuscules ? To begin with, I’d like to state a definition of the notion. In politics and social science, power is the ability to influence the behavior of people. Even when power seems absolute, there are always counter-powers which aim at resisting to it. < Verbe transitif direct To illustrate this notion we will focus on the power of artists. We will see whether or not artists have the power to make the world a better place. First, let's take the example of Bono, the U2 singer. He's one of a kind as he became fully committed in humanitarian causes. Some poor countries have borrowed huge sums of money which they can't pay back. So Bono asked to < Idem some countries a debt relief. Bono also organized a series of concerts (Live 8) in order to raise funds. In fact he used his international fame to help people in need. In addition to that, protest songs are a good way to make things change. Strange Fruit denounced the lynchings commonly practised in the south of x United States until 1940. This song is all the more powerful as it is one of the first manifestations of the Civil Rights Movement and one of the first indictments against racism and lynchings. Through songs, artists encourage/entice people to react and act insofar as a song is more likely to attract people than politicians’ speech. Artists raise people awareness more efficiently as unlike politicians they don't have let them down several times. Secondly, let's take the example of x presidential election of x United States in 2016. Whenever there is an election, artists tend to defend the democrat party. A lot of artists like Madonna, Lady Gaga, Katty Perry promoted Hillary Clinton through x social media. They were very optimistic until the last second. Finally, Trump was elected. Moreover, the world known artist, Leonardo Dicaprio has become really involved in environmental issues. A few years ago, during a conference, he made a speech and faced many criticisms, mostly from journalists. Some have accuses < Respecte la concordance des temps ! =>> prétérit him of being too immature to deal with that. Others, were flabbergasted to see that an actor with such a seducer's reputation made such a crucial speech. So artists are not that powerful. We will end up by saying that artists can change the world thanks to their international fame insofar as people tend to listen to them and identify with them. Nevertheless, they can't all change everything because of their reputations. People could also wonder whether artists are legitimate enough to speak about mankind's issues. The power of artists is a topical issue as well as the power of citizens. Since the last mass school shooting in Florida, students urge < present perfect progressif, faute d’accord déjà signalée aussi the government to increase gun control. The question at stake is whether or not they will succeed in breaking the 2nd amendment.
  12. Besoin d'aide pour corriger mon oral svp

    I’m going to talk about x « Idea of progress ». < x déterminant Nowadays, sciences are constantly evolving, they are still in progress. To illustrate this notion we will focus on Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, called PGD. We will see whether or not PGD is a major breakthrough. To begin, PGD is a medical innovation as it’s a new technique which enable < Le sujet est singulier, faute déjà signalée précédemment. Si d’un texte à l’autre, tu te contentes d’en faire un simple copier-coller sans tenir compte de mes annotations pour rectifier les fautes toi-même, à quoi ça sert ? Attention : l’absence de sifflante sera remarquée à l’oral et sera probablement sanctionnée. us to know whether/if an embryo is healthy or likely to develop a disorder. Before In the past/Formerly, when someone suffered from a genetic disease he was highly likely to pass it on to his children. It could also be used in order to prevent life threatening or genetic diseases. In the future, PGD could be used to recognize and attack cancer cells, scientists are still working on it. On top of that, PGD is also a cosmetic innovation. Nowadays, we can choose x features/traits of our baby like the gender, the eyes or hair colour by implanting the embryos that give the genetic traits parents want. Doctors can’t promise the results that parents want but he < L’accord avec le sujet ? can increase the odds. One more time Once more, PGB is a breakthrough as we can choose what our children will look like. However, we will see that PGD has some consequences on society. Only rich people can afford to pay this technique, it’s totally unfair for poor people. It means that only rich people are allowed to be healthy. Moreover, the less disabled people there are, the more discriminated they will be. As they will be fewer, they will be seen as freaks. Then, some doctors totally disagree with this technique. They accuse PGD of increasing the gap between the have or and the have not. They blame people for wanting to change her < L’accord avec le sujet, encore ! child apparence.< orthographe On top of that as doctors can't promise the results the more expectations parents will have, the more disappointed they would be. Doctor Caplan, an american < Majuscule aux adjectifs des nationalités doctor, disapproves of doctors seeing PDG as a cash business, they aim at earning as much money as possible. Nowadays, few families use PGD for cosmetic traits they are still reluctant to use it, in the next few years people will take it for granted. Because of this new technique, our society will be lead < participe passé irrégulier. Il faut absolument connaître tous les verbes irréguliers par coeur. into a conformist society where everyone has the same idea of the perfect baby. It seems to be very dangerous. To sum up, PGD is a major breakthrough concerning medical innovations, PGD is a positive way of progress as it allowed to cure many diseases even the rarest. To my mind we have to regulate its use in order no to so as things don't go too far. If we don't, it will create a new categorie < orthographe of people: the genetically perfect ones. So progress isn't always a positive things. < Un nom pluriel avec l’article singulier ! Ne te relis-tu donc pas ? We can also wonder whether we can plan our child's life. < C’est une interrogation indirecte = pas de point d’interrogation et ton de voix affirmatif.
  13. Besoin d'aide pour corriger mon oral svp

    Le forum est fait pour cela, que ce soit moi ou un(e) autre.
  14. Besoin d'aide pour corriger mon oral svp

    Pas de panique, ce n'est rien de plus ni rien de moins que ce que j'ai écrit, à savoir que la partie accordée au récit est beaucoup plus développée que celle accordée à la démonstration de la notion. Mais, comme je l'ai déjà écrit, ce n'est que mon humble avis.
  15. Besoin d'aide pour corriger mon oral svp

    Bonjour, À mon humble avis, tu fais la part trop belle au récit pour ne réserver au sujet que la portion congrue. De plus, je le répète ici, un oral ne consiste pas à réciter un texte appris par coeur, c'est même contradictoire. Quelques suggestions de bon sens ici, y compris pour l'écrit : https://www.anglaisfacile.com/francaisbac.php Bonne chance.